Panto Damascus, One Clowns Alphabet.

17 years ago I was updating the towns and cities I have performed in and the list was dutifully large. I pushed a button and it layed itself out in alphabetical order....interesting... I thought.


I was missing about 7 letters. I went about fixing that but it took a further 15 years to finally get my 'X'

I got my 'X' in 2009. It felt like a hollow victory, I had nothing really to show for my achievement.

So I decided to write [or recompile] one story based on each letter, A=Auckland, B= Barcelona, C=Chicago etc.

I've finished to the best of my abilty. I have glaring weaknesses in my overall writing abilities that are being addressed.

I am getting this rough draft below edited by qualified folk and will make it available in paperback, also digitally and if there is interest and any profit to invest from the project I'll rent a studio and have a spoken word option.


A = AUCKLAND-Royal Easter Show.

B = BARCELONA-First European Gig.

C = CHICAGO- First American Gig, (James Brown, private party)

D = DUBLIN--In which I employ streetkids and work with Tom Cruise

E = EDINBURGH-In which I dance into an overhead fan.

F = FORT GREENE, Brooklyn-Cirque audition. -In which I pass a cirque audition in NY.

G = GLASTONBURY -Epic festival report


I = AIR IRAQ -in which I travel from Tokyo to Bangkok behind gangsters.

J =JOONDALUP -Without a quorum of neurons who are we?

K = KITA KUSHU ,Projectile vomiting orange juice , large coverage,Japanese audience

L = LYTTELTON, My first Nun.}


N =NAGASAKI CIRCUS- Chimp/Poodles/Elephant/Chambermaids.


P =PARIS ARREST Avenue du Innocents.


R =REYKJAVICK, The Barman's tale. Iceland.

S = SINGAPORE= Sentosa. In which I bleed out of the ears and then it gets worse.

T = TOKYO- Teen Bed Zombie.


V = Vegas, Viva Las Cancer.

W = WINDSOR -Canadian street festival report

X = XIHU- In which I attend the first international clown festival in China, 60 international clowns.

Y = YATES COUNTY NY- Mennonite BDay.







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